How to setup Automatic reports


You can instruct Frotcom to automatically generate and send to you any reports, on a periodic basis. To do that, follow these instructions:

From the menu, choose More and then Reports.

On the top right corner, choose the Settings button:

Then, select the Automatic reports option:

You will see a list of the Automatic reports already created by you or other users in your company. In the beginning the list will be empty. 

To set up a new Automatic report, press the Create button on the top right corner. A small panel will pop up:

Start by selecting the type of report you want.

Then give it a name. This is the name Frotcom will use for the specific automatic report you are creating.

Finally, select the email destinations to which Frotcom will send the automatic report on a periodic basis. If you have several email destinations, separate them with ";".

In the end, choose Confirm.

You will see that the Automatic report you just created is now on the list. You can make any necessary changes, by editing the necessary parameters on the right panel, as shown below:

In case you do not want reports to be sent periodically to you, but only to be generated once, you can generate reports manually.

Once you want not to receive a certain Automatic report anymore, you can delete it.

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