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When you enter costs in Frotcom, you can check where the corresponding vehicle was at the time written in the cost note (bill).


Here, for instance, you are entering the cost corresponding to a fuel note handed out to you by the driver.

If you click the Check on map button, you will be taken to the Map tab. There, you can see where the vehicle was at the time stated in the bill.


You can see that in fact the vehicle was at a gas station.

So you proceed to save the fuel note.

However, when you try to save, you get the following warning note:


This means that although the fuel note from the gas station mentions 900 liters, Frotcom only detected 830 liters added to the tank in that moment and location. 

Note: Frotcom will apply a tolerance when looking for deviations. Only if the deviation between fuel volume entered in a fuel note and the volume detected via fuel level sensors is higher than this tolerance, the deviation will be reported to you as a warning. For more information about this tolerance, check this article.

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