Frotcom TV allows companies to continuously follow the main news about their fleet: alarms, arrivals, and departures, etc. Frotcom TV also displays interesting indicators such as the level of occupancy of the fleet (i.e. the percentage of vehicles traveling at any given moment).

Moreover, Frotcom TV is also able to show external news, extracted from news sites through RSS (Really Simple Syndication). So, you can add any world, local, economical or sports news to Frotcom TV.

Because it requires no human intervention, Frotcom TV is ideal to be displayed on an LCD or plasma monitor in a wall mount in the dispatch center or meeting room, for instance.

First of all, your company must have access to Frotcom TV. Please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner for more information.

To start Frotcom TV, you can click More > Frotcom TV or click the Frotcom TV button:

More > Frotcom TV Frotcom TV icon



If you want to know more about how Frotcom TV works, click here.

If you want to know more about Frotcom TV's interface, click here.

If you want to know more about Frotcom TV's configuration, click here.

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