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As an option, the mobile device may include a navigation application fully integrated with Frotcom. The map can cover only your country or a larger area. It can also be prepared to navigate trucks or only light vehicles. Not all regions of the world have this option available.

By touching the Navigation button, you will be redirected to the navigation application, where you can perform the following actions:

  • Navigate to the address specified in a task, using the best route defined by the navigation application in the mobile device.
  • Navigate to any address entered manually.


Integrated Navigation - Navigate to the address specified in a task

A task is a way that your office has, to send you the instructions for a new service. With a task's instructions comes an address where you must go to pick up a load, deliver a load, visit a customer or make a repair, for instance, depending on your company's line of activity.

When you start a task, you can navigate to the address specified. For instance, the following task is underway (you can see that because the task type is in orange and the Start button is no longer available):


If you press the Navigation button, the navigation application will open, having as destination the address received from the office in the task details



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