Notebook - Edit a note


To edit a note, enter the Note details panel of the respective note you want to modify. After that, the following screen will be displayed to you:



On the header of the panel is shown the Last modified date and the information of the Note type/Related to field. Considering the example of the previous picture: Today, 12:28 - Vehicle: AO XX-00-00-XX.

The fields on this panel are similar to the ones of the New note panel when you are creating a new note.

You can change the Note type and Related to by clicking on the respective drop-down menu. Immediately after changing its value, Frotcom will save your changes automatically for the previously mentioned fields. To change the text in the Note field, click on the note body text link:



After that, the text box will be available to you:



If you perform some modification, the Undo and Apply buttons will be displayed to you:



To confirm your amendments, click Apply, and Frotcom will save your changes.


You can also edit the Attachments of your note. For more details about the attachments, check out this article.


To go back to the Notebook main screen, click Back to list, located in the upper left part of the screen:



You may also want to attach documents to your note. Please visit this article to learn more about the upload of documents into the notes.

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