Notebook - Upload documents to notes


It's possible for you to attach documents to your notes, such as recipes, maintenance papers, personal documents, etc. 

To attach a document to a note, you must use the Attachments section at the bottom of a note:



Click on the Add new button to attach a new document. The following popup will be visible:



Click on Attach file and choose the file (or files) you want to attach to the note. Then click on Apply:



Your document will be visible on the table. You may repeat this process for more documents, or you can hit the X button to remove a file from a note:



When you're done adding documents to the note, click on the Save button of the note to save the changes.


Storage plan

The storage space for the notes is finite. All the accounts start with a Standard storage plan, and if necessary, it can be upgraded to an Advanced storage plan. Once you reach the total of space available for your account, you won't be able to upload more documents until you either remove other documents or upgrade your storage plan.

To check the storage available in your account, click on the Hamburger menu in the Notebook page and select Storage:



In the Standard storage plan, accounts have up to 5Mb of space for each vehicle (with GPS). For instance, an account with 20 vehicles would have a total of 100Mb of storage space to be used for the documents in the notes.

If you need more space for more (or bigger) documents, you may upgrade it to an Advanced storage plan, which would raise the available space from 5Mb to 1Gb per vehicle in the account. 


To know more about the Advanced storage plan and the costs involved to it, get in contact with your Frotcom Certified Partner.

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