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To add a new note to the Notebook, go to Notebook folder, and the following screen will be displayed to you:



Click Add new, on the top-right part of the screen:



After that, the New note panel will be presented to you:



It contains the following fields:

Field Description
Note type Here you can select the note type. It can be of the following types: VehicleDriverPlaceClient, or Generic.
Note Here you can write the body text of the note. Click the blue link Click to add to have access to the text box.
Attachments This block contains the options for you to attach documents to the note.


After you indicate the Note type, the Relate to field will become available:



The values available on the Relate to drop-down list depend on what was selected for the Note type field.

For instance, if you selected Vehicles on the Note type field, on the Related to field, you will be able to choose the specific vehicle to which the note shall refer to. The same goes for when you select Driver or Place or Client for the Note type field; you will be able to select the specific driver, place, or client, respectively. Just worth mentioning that the displayed clients are the ones available in More > CRM

If you select Generic on the Note type field, the Relate to field will not be displayed, as it is a generic note.

When you finish your actions on the New note panel, be sure to click Save, located in the upper-right part of the screen:



You may also want to attach documents to your note. Please visit this article to learn more about the upload of documents into the notes.

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