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About Electronic Logbook

With the new Portuguese legislation, a tachograph or a registration app is mandatory for workers that do not have a fixed work schedule or a work schedule exemption, and that use a vehicle as their work tool.

The Electronic Logbooks module in the Driver app provides the Drivers a way to record their daily activity, similar to a tachograph.



For your drivers to use the Electronic Logbook module, a few settings are required.



Your account must have the following permission to be able to see the Electronic Logbook module:



Company and Home Terminal address

In Administration > Account > Profile you will now find the Company and Home Terminal address sections.

You must provide the required information accordingly:



Driver information

Now, in Administration > Drivers, you must provide the Driver information of the drivers that will use the module:



Driver app permission

Finally, you must make sure to give the permission Electronic Logbook to the Driver app, in Administration > Account > Driver app:




You may check this section to learn more about the Electronic Logbook on the Driver app.

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