Connection to PSA vehicles via factory-fitted GPS trackers



Most modern Peugeot, Citroën, Vauxhall/Opel, and DS Automobiles have factory-fitted GPS trackers which can be used by Frotcom, without the need to install any additional devices.


How do I know if a vehicle has the necessary device pre-fitted?

Please download the list of vehicles (PSA vehicles updated November 2021.xlsx) at the end of this document.


So is there no need to install devices in the vehicles?

Correct. If the vehicle is pre-equipped with the necessary device, it will suffice. The only thing you may want to install is a driver identification accessory, but that is optional.


What information will I have access to?

Although the information that is available may vary from vehicle to vehicle, you will likely be able to see the following information in Frotcom:

  • Location
    Basically, the GPS coordinates
  • Heading
    Where the vehicle is heading (the direction)
  • Ignition
    You will know when the ignition is ON and OFF.
  • Speed
    Information about the speed is also included.
  • Odometer
    This is the total mileage of the vehicle
  • Fuel level (vehicles with combustion engine)
    This is the level of the fuel in the tank
  • Average fuel consumption (vehicles with combustion engine)
    The vehicle’s average fuel consumption (e.g. L/100km)
  • Fuel consumed per trip (vehicles with combustion engine)
    Total fuel consumed in each trip, i.e. from the moment ignition is ON until it is OFF again.
  • Driver ID via iButton (accessory needed)
    With this accessory, you will be able to identify the driver for each trip. Drivers will use a unique code, through an iButton reader, to identify themselves.

In the case of electric vehicles, you will have the following information, too:

  • Current battery charge
    You will see the current charge as a percentage of the full capacity of your vehicle’s battery.
  • Range
    This is an estimate of how long your vehicle can travel based on the current charge of the battery.
  • Charging status
    You will know when your vehicle is being charged and the charge type (10A, 16A or Fast charge).
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