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In this section, you can see a table with all the Forms configured by your Frotcom Certified Partner for your account, and the respective UsersDepartments, and Segments authorized to see each form:



By default, and unless you change any settings in this panel, all forms can be visualized by every User, Department, and Segment.

You may click on the Edit button on any form to configure its default filters: 



For each Form, you will be able to choose the Users, Departments, and Segments that will be able to see it in the Interact > Forms view. Access is given as a combination of the three selectors. In other words, only if a user belongs to all three groups he/she will have access to the incoming form. By default, all Users, Departments, and Segments are selected.

Whenever you change the value of any selection of User/Department/Segment, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the view:



These filtering rules are also applied to the forms received in the Interact > All view. Messages with forms attached to it will be filtered accordingly to the permissions applies to each form.

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