Inadequate temperatures


This report displays the occurrences of temperatures out of the bounds defined in the corresponding temperature alarm.





To generate the report, you must configure the following inputs:

Configuration Description

The period the report will be generated for. Options:

  • This month
  • Last month
  • Last 30 days
  • This week
  • Last week
  • Last 7 days
  • Today (Default)
  • Yesterday
  • Other (Up to 30 days)
Vehicles Select here the vehicles that will be used to generate the report (Default: all)





The output of the report contains the following data/columns:

Column Description
Vehicle Vehicle's license plate
Driver The driver associated with the vehicle
Place The place where the vehicle was at when the alarm occurred. If a place is not defined for the location, then it’s address is used instead.
If there is no place defined for the location, and an address can’t be determined, a dash (-) is presented.
Odometer The value of the vehicle’s odometer when the alarm occurred.
Temp. sensor

The name of the sensor that detected the alarm.

Temp. alarm start The date and time at which the temperature was detected outside of the adequate temperature range.
Temp. alarm duration

The amount of time the conditions or the alarm remained.

Temp. range

The range of temperatures considered adequate.

Max temo. (C)

The most extreme temperature measured during the alarm duration. This value may be above or bellow the temperature range.

Stop duration

The total time for which the vehicle was stopped in the first place reached after the alarm began and until the vehicle started to move again or the alarm finished.

Door open duration (1-3)

The time each door was open since the alarm was triggered until the alarm ends.

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