Migrating from Silverlight to HTML5? Check here the latest features of the new version


The explosion of various devices and platforms caused plugin web technologies, such as Silverlight, obsolete. With that in mind, Frotcom International started long ago preparing the HTML5 version, which is an internet standard supported by all browsers. We know you have been appreciating Frotcom’s Silverlight version. Unfortunately, it will no longer be technically possible to keep this version after July 6, 2019.

We invite you to use Frotcom’s HTML5 version and get acquainted with it as soon as possible. The following features are only available in the HTML5 version of Frotcom, and they can highly improve the experience you have been having with Frotcom:



  • Alternative paths when calculating directions (View more)
  • Rearranging paths by dragging them
  • Toll costs calculation (with Here Maps) (View more)
  • Optimized directions with driving times restrictions, avoiding ferries, avoiding tolls and other configurations in directions and nearest vehicles
  • Driving times improvements. Compliance with Regulation (EC) 561/2006
  • Selecting vehicles and places using only the keyboard
  • Several clustering options for vehicles and places (View more)
  • Vehicle markers with several options (View more)
  • Simple and detailed markers
  • Map view of events (View more)
  • Copying the coordinates of a point on the map to the clipboard
  • Vehicle infobox with new fields and customizable panels, size, fields, etc. (View more)
  • Customizable fields to show in the vehicle list (View more)
  • Grouping the vehicles in the list according to a field



  • Graph pages customizable (View more)
  • Showing temperature ranges on temperature graphs


Coupling and uncoupling

  • Automatic coupling/uncoupling based on GPS position (View more)



  • Places types customized: colors and icons (View more)
  • Associating a CRM client when creating or editing a place (View more)
  • Detail place infobox with the latest vehicle on a place


Workforce Management

  • Using the WFM terminal as a GPS tracking device (View more)
  • Places created from the WFM app by drivers
  • Sending the route to WFM/NAV with single destinations or with enforced path
  • Increased character limit of messages to NAV and WFM
  • WFM - Driver to Driver communication (View more)



  • Route Execution Times Detailed report
  • CANBus - Driver work states report > Monthly group
  • Driving behavior report and CANBus details report with CANBus device data
  • Driving behavior report now shows the following information as graphs: Histogram of speed, Histogram of accelerator pedal positions, RPM intervals (idling, transition, RPM efficiency, RPM inefficiency), RPM coasting statuses (coasting, ecoroll, braking), Number of brake strokes/100km, Consumed fuel idling / Total fuel consumed (%)
  • Extended trips report (Authorities format)
  • Drivers diary report
  • Detailed Workforce management tasks report
  • Vehicle status report
  • Auditing information on automatic reports


Interact (messaging)

  • Frequent messages (View more)
  • Adding user signature
  • Using an HTML editor when Interacting with drivers through email
  • Several new filters on Interact


Management> Costs

  • Suggest odometer when inserting a cost
  • Cost map localization



  • Alarm of communication problems
  • Detecting malfunctions on fuel level sensors
  • Showing corridor detection events in Alarms
  • Activity update notifications on Job > Tasks
  • Speed and dash cam alerts detected by Garmin Personal Navigators



  • Routes view table, linear diagram, circular and extended diagram (View more)
  • Routes alerts configured
  • Cloning route groups and templates (View more)



  • Tachograph download options (View more)
  • Tachograph alerts: Driver card expired date


Driving behavior

  • Driving behavior Simplified and Detailed views, and map with events (View more)
  • Settings and Customized score for Driving behavior (View more)



  • Menu bar customized by the user with shortcuts
  • Support for Imperial and American units has been improved (miles, miles per gallon, etc.).
  • Integrated with ELB-Lock® - Interface with a locking system with anti-theft capabilities
  • Frotcom TV revamped
  • Auxiliary IDs can be configured to allow drivers to associate Routes to their vehicles
  • Immobilizers with Driver whitelists, using RFID or iButtons
  • Working and permitted periods with two-time slots
  • Driver status
  • Vehicle status
  • Automatic creation of drivers when Frotcom receives an identification (Driver ID or Tachograph ID)



Frotcom has been redesigned from scratch in HTML5 to ensure compatibility with virtually all devices having an Internet browser. It brings together a whole new look & feel, a more attractive display of buttons, icons, tables and a lot of room for what is really important: useful information.


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