Graphs with Real-time tracking


The Graphs with Real-time tracking is an option that becomes available for you once you have vehicles in your fleet that are configured with Real-time tracking.


In the Graphs panel, you will see the Real-time tracking selector at the top-right corner:



For vehicles with Real-time tracking, you will be able to select what type of real-time tracking you would like to see in the graphs. The available options are:

  • Update every minute
  • Update every second (show last 5 minutes)
  • Update every second (show last 60 minutes)

When you select any option other than Update every minute, the graphs will display the selected time scale and start receiving information every second. The graph values and graph time will move to the left as new data arrives:



The Real-time tracking option is saved as your preference and will be set to all vehicles with Real-time tracking.


Note that the zoom option of the graphs becomes unavailable once you select to show either the last 5 or 60 minutes. Also, these options are only available for vehicles configured for Real-time tracking.

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