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The following list shows the most recent features implemented in Frotcom Next release.


Erase search results after cleaning the search box: Small improvement, to clean the search results (Address list and Map Icon) after you clean the search box:


Block Fleet and Path mode buttons during the loading: Another small improvement that blocks the Path and Fleet mode buttons during the loading of the page:


Fatigue and distraction alarms: Two new alarms are available to warn you about occurrences of fatigue and distraction of your drivers. These alarms are available for vehicles configured with a fatigue and distraction detection hardware:


Individual permissions for the Advanced Dashboard: The permissions for the Advanced Dashboard were changed in order for you to individually choose which dashboard each user may see:


You can change the users' permissions in Administration > Users - Details - Filtering.



New options in the Context Menu: New options available in the Context menu of a vehicle: Nudge driver, Set start/stop alarm, and Switch drivers:


Nudge driver sends a buzzer notification to the vehicle, Set start/stop alarm allows you to set up a Start/Stop alarm, and Switch drivers rotates between the driver and co-driver of the vehicle.

The options' availability depends on the configuration of the vehicle (for example, only vehicles equipped with a buzzer will have the Nudge driver option available).

Minimum and Maximum values for the options of the Route: Improvement to set the minimum and maximum values to STD, Break and Stop over times of a Route. With this, it's also possible to set negative break times for the trip:


Map UX improvement: Improvement to prevent the Map to automatically scroll in order to open an Infobox. Now the map stays static, and the Infobox will open to the opposite side:


Tachograph Remote Download improvements: Two improvements to the TRD routine are also available:

  • Tachograph files downloaded with the incorrect Company card now display the following error message in Administration > Tachograph > Tachographs: "File rejected, downloaded with an invalid company card". Also, the application will not retry to download a file from that vehicle with the same card.
  • Non-ADR Tachographs (in vehicles equipped with C4MAX v4 or Falcom Fox 3) now are able to download files at any time (and not only with the ignition off).



Automatic Vehicle status based on Alarms: With this new functionality, you are able to configure Alarms to automatically change the Vehicle status of a vehicle once the alarm is triggered.

For instance, you can set up an Area entrance alarm for a repair center area, and once the vehicle enters this area, the alarm is triggered and the status of the vehicle is automatically changed to Maintenance.


In this article you will find more details regarding this new option.

Active routes as a definition of Alarms: Option to configure an Alarm to be active only when a vehicle is inside Active routes:


This option is available in the Restrictions section of the Alarms.

Minimum fuel alarm: New option for the Fuel Level alarm to be triggered when the volume of the tank drops below a certain level:


You can configure the alarm to be triggered after the detection of a Refuel, a Fuel Theft or when the fuel level drops below a certain percentage/volume defined by you.

The same alarm definition may be used for the three options, or you can configure them individually.

Alarms as parameters for the Driving behavior: You can now configure your alarms to be used as a parameter for the calculation of the Driving behavior of your fleet.

For instance, you may configure an Idling alarm and, the more occurrences a driver has of this alarm, the lower their Driving score will be:


To use this option, activate the setting Accounted for driving score under the Destinations tab of your alarm. Then, go to Administration > Account > Driving behavior and adjust the weight of the alarms for the final calculation of the score (as default, the alarms are not accounted for the score, therefore you need to set this limit manually):


Set limits for the Driving behavior's Customized score: If you use the Customized score for the Driving behavior, you can now set your own customized limits for each parameter:

To open this panel and insert the limits manually, click on the Set limits button for each of the customized parameter, in Administration > Account > Driving behavior:


Reports icons: To make it easier for you to distinguish the Reports in the list, all reports now are identified with respective icons:


Reset Reports to default parameters: When you generate a Report, the parameters are saved as user preferences, so the next time you try to generate the report, the parameters will be kept the same. You have now the option to reset these parameters to the default options:


Copy address to clipboard: From any point of the Map, you can open the context menu (right-click on the Map) and choose the option Copy address to have the full address copied to your clipboard:




Upload documents in Notebook: It's now possible to upload files into the notes you create using the Notebook:


To upload files to a note, simply click on the ADD NEW button and choose the files. Most file formats are allowed in the notes, and you will have up to 5MB*[X] of space available for the files (X being the number of Vehicles with GPS available in the account).

To check how much storage space you have left in your account, click on the Hamburger menu > Storage:


New Tachograph type (VDO DTCO 4.0): New Tachograph type (VDO DTCO 4.0) available in Administration > Drivers - Details - Tachograph:


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