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The following list shows the most recent features implemented in Frotcom Next.

Other release notes: Fleet Manager, Driver app, Other Frotcom solutions in vehicle.


Support to electric vehicles: You can now keep track of your electric vehicles by knowing their battery charge and mileage range, among other parameters:



You can configure electric vehicles in the Vehicles Management section, choose to see their battery level in the Vehicle list, and add the Battery charge as a parameter in the Vehicle's infobox.


Important: The support to electric vehicles is only available for Axodel vehicles.

Measure CO2 emissions: Frotcom now allows you to measure the CO2 emissions of your whole fleet:



CO2 emissions can be tracked in the Vehicle infobox > Other information, as well as a new column in the menu Summary > Activity today:




More Vehicle icons available: More Vehicle icons, including icons for special industries such as elevators, cranes, generators, bulldozers, tractors, and more, are available for selection:



To change the Vehicles' icons, go to Administration > Vehicle > Edit > General and, in the Vehicle icon selector, choose between icons for Vehicles or other assets before selecting a new icon.




New login page: Frotcom's login page has been updated with a more friendly layout, including access to the Main and Next versions, highlights, and a quick view of the features in the Solutions Center.


Filtering rules for Forms: You can now define which Frotcom Users, Departments, and Segments can see the forms received from Workforce Management terminals:


You can find more details about the feature in this article.

Improvements in the Route Groups: It's now possible to edit any template of a Route Group, as well as to add a template before and in between other templates already registered in the group:




Driving behavior report revamp: The Driving behavior report has been completely reviewed to optimize its content, as well as to include the option to generate the report with the company’s Customized scores.



You can check the details about the report in this article.




Interact - Send messages as Office or Frotcom user: With this new option in the Interact, you will be able to choose if you're sending a message to a driver as the Office or as your Frotcom User:



This option is available whenever you send a message to a driver via WFM.



Vehicle stops report - Show current stops: The new option in the configuration of the Vehicle stops report allows you to see all the vehicles of your fleet that are currently not in movement.



Please note that the information displayed in this report reflects the current state of the fleet, meaning that you may see slight differences between what is displayed in the report and the data exported to the Excel file.




Vehicle's License plate visible in the Map's infoboxes.: You can now see the vehicle's license place on every infobox (arrows, alarms, start/stop, refills, and fuel events) available in the Map view.



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