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The following list shows the most recent features implemented in Frotcom Next release.


Current driving times: This new view, available in the Summary menu, lists the driving times of all drivers - even the ones that are not associated with a vehicle:


For more details about this feature, please have a look at this article.




Interact - Filter messages by Drivers/Vehicles: New option in the Interact that allows you to filter and group the messages by Driver and by Vehicle, in addition to the current filters:


In this filter, you can choose to group the messages by drivers (no matter the vehicles they were associated with - including SMS and email messages even if the driver was not associated with any vehicle), vehicles (no matter the drivers they were associated with), or both drivers and vehicles (default option).

Driving behavior events alarm: This new alarm allows you to set up alerts to be informed whenever any Driving behavior event is triggered for a vehicle in your fleet:


To create a new Driving behavior events alarm you must go to Administration > Alarms and click on Add new. After you set up the Type, Description and the Vehicles, you may go to Definitions and choose which events will be watched by this alarm.

Note: the option Accounted for driving score in the Destinations is not available for this alarm.

Visit to places report - Group by Vehicle: With this new option in the Visit to places report, you can generate a Visits to Places report grouped by Vehicles, instead of grouped by Places:





Alarms Report - Information column: The column Information in the Alarms report was updated to display all the relevant information regarding each alarm:


The column now contains all the information (for each alarm) that is displayed in the Alarm details. 

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