The CANBus report will show, for a vehicle or selection of vehicles, the current CANBus data present in Administration > Vehicles > Details:

  • Odometer
  • Total fuel used
  • Average consumption
  • Engine hours
  • Distance to the next service (maintenance)





To generate the report, you only need to choose the vehicle (or vehicles) as the input parameter.



After you choose the vehicles and click on Generate, a report just like the one below will be generated:



It contains the following information:

Column Description
Vehicle The license plate of the vehicle
Data obtained at Date when the information was retrieved from the CANBus of the vehicle.

Represents the odometer the vehicle has on the date the information was retrieved, reported by the CANBus (Odometer).

The unit will depend on the preference of the account (km or mi)

Total fuel used Represents total fuel used by the vehicle since ever (liters or gallons)
Average consumption (liters/gallons per 100km/mi) The average consumption the vehicle has made in the last 100 km/miles (liters or gallons).
Average consumption (liters/gallons per hour) The average consumption the vehicle has made in the last hour (liters or gallons).
Engine hours This represents the time the engine has been on.
Distance to service Represents the distance to the next service.
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