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The Vehicle status is a new attribute you can apply to the vehicles of your fleet to help you identify and classify them according to specific criteria, e.g., Free, Busy, Available, Maintenance, etc.

You can configure as many statuses as necessary to control your fleet, and use these statuses as filters for Vehicle filters and to find the Nearest vehicles. Also, you can generate a new Report that lists the changes in the vehicles' statuses is available.



To configure the vehicle statuses, you must go to Administration > Vehicles and click on Vehicle settings in the Hamburger menu:



In the Vehicle statuses tab you will find the following table:



To create a new status, click on the ADD button at the end of the list. You must give the status a name and choose a color for its identification:


You can also edit and delete the status from the list using the buttons on the right of each status:



Setting the status

You have two way to set and change the status of a vehicle:

  • In the vehicle details: In Administration > Vehicles - Details, tab Status, you can set the status for the vehicle:

  • In the context menu: Alternatively, you can set the status in the context menu of the vehicle (right-click on the vehicle in the Vehicle list, or the action panel of the Vehicle  infobox):

After you apply the statuses to the vehicles, you can check the statuses of the vehicles in the vehicle list, in Administration > Vehicles:



Map settings

You can configure the Map settings to display the Vehicle status on the Map view:map_settings_vehicle.PNG


The vehicle status can be displayed in the following places:

  • Vehicle list:

  • Vehicle marker:

  • And Vehicle infobox:

Also, in the Map settings you can configure the Vehicle list to be grouped by the Vehicle status:




You can use the statuses as a parameter for the Vehicle filter:



As well as a parameter to find the Nearest vehicle:



Vehicle status report

Finally, a report with information about the change of status of the vehicles is available.

To generate the report, go to the Reports view and click on Vehicle status:



You must enter a period for the report, and show which vehicles/statuses will be listed.

The generated report will look similar to the following:



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