In the Alarms report, you can review all the alarms triggered for your fleet during the selected period.





To generate the report, you must configure the following inputs:

Configuration Description

The period the report will be generated for. Options:

  • This month
  • Last month
  • Last 30 days
  • This week
  • Last week
  • Last 7 days
  • Today (Default)
  • Yesterday
  • Other (Maximum 30 days)
Show information by

Here you must choose the source of the information. It can be:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Driver statuses
  • Teams

Once you select one source, you must select which components will be used to filter the report. For instance, if I want my report to be generated for some vehicles of my fleet, I first select Vehicles and then choose their License plates in the next selector:


This does not change, however, the output or the grouping of information in the output of the report.


Select which alarms will be used to generate the report. By default, all alarms are selected.

Include notes

When you process an alarm, you may add notes to this alarm. If you select this option, the notes the alarms might have will be included in the report.





The output of the report contains the following data/columns:

Column Description
Vehicle License plate of the vehicle
Driver Driver associated with the vehicle
Start Date/time when the alarm was first detected.
Start odometer Odometer at the beginning of the detection of the alarm
End Date/time when the detection of the alarm was over.
End odometer Odometer at the end of the detection of the alarm
Alarm Alarm type
Place/Address If the alarm was triggered inside a Place, you will see the Place name here. Otherwise, it will show the address where the alarm was triggered
Information Each alarm may have different and unique information that are not common to other alarms. All this unique information, when available, will be included in the Information column.
Handled on Date/time when the alarm was processed. It's empty in case the alarm was not processed.
Handled by If the alarm has been processed, it shows the user who processed it.
Notes If you choose the option Include notes, and if the alarm was processed with a note, it will be included in this column.
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