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You can set up the automatic creation of drivers when an identification (Driver ID or Tachograph ID) is received by Frotcom, but it's not yet associated with any driver. For instance, if a driver tries to identify themselves with unassociated ID, a new driver will be automatically created and associated with the new ID.



You can activate this functionality for identifications via RFID, Tachograph card, or both. Simply select the option that best suits your needs in this view.

From now on, very time Frotcom receives an unidentified ID, a user is created with the code received as the Driver name, in the following format:


[code] - created by [vehicle's license place] on [date and time]


Now, if you select Based on Tachograph card, a new option will be available: Use Tachograph card name if available:



If you select this option, Frotcom will analyze first if the source of the identification is a Tachograph card ID and if this card has a Driver name associated to it.

If this is true, the driver name in the card will be used as the Driver name on Frotcom preceded by a start (*). Otherwise, the standard string for the name will be used.


Note: When comparing the ID received from the Tachograph card to with the Drivers' IDs, the last 3 characters are ignored (for compatibility). If the ID is unidentified, the new driver is created with the full-length ID.

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