Map Provider – HERE Maps – Local Speed Alarm


For the accounts configured with Advanced Routing (Here Maps), you have the possibility to configure a particular type of Alarm: the Local Speed Alarm.

This alarm can be used to monitor the speed of the vehicles using the speed limit of the roads as parameter, making sure the drivers are respecting the limits imposed by the authorities.

To configure a new Local Speed Alarm, you must go to Administration > Alarms, click on Add new and select Local Speed from the list of available alarms:



Now, in the Definitions tab, you must configure the Vehicle Profile (cars and trucks may have different speed limits, so you must configure the alarm accordingly) and choose the Speed tolerance (if any):



After that, just click on Save and your alarm will be ready to be used.


As this feature is only available for accounts with the Advanced routing with HERE Maps option active, you must contact you Frotcom Certified Partner in order to activate this option if you still don't have it.

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