Driving times


In the Driving times view, you will be able to have an in-depth view of your current driving times, regular and reduced daily rest periods, breaks, and amplitude.

To access the Driving times view, go to the main menu and tap on Driving times:



There are five different displays of this view:

  • Elapsed driving time
  • Remaining driving time
  • Regular daily rest period
  • Reduced daily rest period
  • Complete driving times


You can change this view to see the information that fits you the best. To do so, you must tap on the view's name and choose one from the list:



Elapsed driving time

By default, you will see the view Elapsed driving time:



You will see right at the top of the view the time you have already used from your available daily driving time, as well as information regarding how many extra hours and reduced daily rest period you have already used:



Bellow this first time, you can see information related to the time that you have driven (the red part of the bar) and the time that he/she can still drive till reaching the limits specified (the green part of the bar):



Remaining driving time

In the Remaining driving time, the indicators are the inverse of the Elapsed driving times. For example: if the continuous driving time is 02:43 hours, for a maximum of 04:30 hours, the displayed information will be 01:47 hours on the continuous field:



Regular/Reduced daily rest period

You can also choose to see the driving times based on the Regular daily rest period or Reduced daily rest period:



Regular daily rest period is any period of rest of at least 11 hours, while the Reduced daily rest period is any period of rest of at least 9 hours and less than 11 hours. 


Complete driving times

Finally, you can opt to see the Complete driving times view, that includes all the information above, plus an extra block of information that contains the Begining of the period, Duration of the last break and the Amplitude:


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