Emergency services


In the unfortunate event of Frotcom not being available (due to a database failure, for instance), an Emergency service will take place to provide basic information and services to the users.

This backup system will, as long as the remaining infrastructure permits, grant the users the following basic services:



When the Emergency service takes place, the following login page will replace the standard one:



The username and password you must use are the same you would use for a standard login. Other links and the button to log in to the Next version will be unavailable.

Once you introduce your credentials, click on Login (Reduced service) to enter the Emergency service.


Latest position of the vehicles on the Map

You will be able to see the latest position of each vehicle of your fleet on the Map. The date and time of the latest position will be available and will be refreshed automatically every minute, as well as the ignition status (according to the account settings). 

Important: All users will have access to this information after the login, regardless of their permissions.



Enable and disable the Immobilizer of vehicles

If your fleet contains vehicles equipped with Immobilizers, you will be able to send commands to enable and disable the immobilizers (if your user was granted the right to do so). The vehicles equipped with immobilizer will display a label next to it in the Vehicle list (IMMOB ON or IMMOB off).

To enable or disable the Immobilizer, open the context menu of the vehicle (right-click on the Vehicle list) and select the option:



You will be asked for the immobilizer's password to confirm the action:


Once the command is sent, a blue lighting icon will be displayed next to the vehicle in the list:



Then, once the vehicle processes the command, the icon will turn red (indicating the vehicle is immobilized) or disappear (meaning that the immobilizer has been fully deactivated:


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