Administration > Account > License classes


This section of the Administration allows you to configure Driving license classes.

With this, you will be able to store all the driver license numbers, and later track the expiration date using an Alarm. Also, you will be able to configure whitelists based on Driving license classes.


To configure the Driver license classes of your account, to the License classes tab in Administration > Account:



If you don't have any class created yet, or if you wish to add more classes, click on the ADD button. Enter a name for the class and click on SAVE:



As soon as you add a class, you will be able to see some basic information regarding it:

Column Description
Name Chosen name
Valid licenses The number of drivers with this Driving license class that have a valid driver's license.
Expired licenses The number of drivers with this Driving license class that have an expired driver's license.
Updated on The date of the last update to this class.
Username The user who last updated this class.


You can add as many classes as you wish. You can also edit the name or edit a class in this view.


Now that you have configured the Driver license classes, you can proceed to Administration > Drivers - Driving license and give each driver a Driver license class, together with a number and an expiry date.

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