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Frotcom’s Advanced Dashboard gives you insights on your fleet’s key performance indicators through a comprehensive set of charts, maps, and metrics that enables you to manage your business effectively.

It provides you with tools focusing on cost reduction, productivity, and the improvement of service levels, seamlessly.

To access this new feature, select the Advanced Dashboard option from the main menu:



There are nine different dashboards currently available that can be switched using the selector at the top-left corner:


The data presented in all the dashboards is always in the past, meaning that you can't generate the analysis for the current day or days in the future.

The selector will always select the last dashboard you have visualized when you access the Advanced Dashboard again.



  • If you change any preferences in the administration panel (i.e., Preferred Mileage, Speed, Fuel, and Fuel consumption units, as well as the User's Language), they only will be visible on the dashboard the next day at 4 am (GMT UTC 0).

  • Some components¹ use the regional settings of your browser to define the display language. If you change these settings of your browser, a simply refresh of the page would update the components in the Advanced Dashboard.

  • The Advanced Dashboard collects and stores data from the moment the module is activated for the account. In other words, you will only have access to the data collected during the days the module is active.

  • The Vehicle filters used in the Dashboards only consider the Vehicles filtered by it (and not the other filtering parameters). Please have this in consideration to avoid having a vehicle left out of a filter.


¹The components that use the regional settings of your browser to define the display language are the following:

  • "Loading report" label;

  • "Search" and "Select all" labels (in the Filters);

  • Calendar (in the Filters);

  • Dates format (in the Filters, Tables, and Charts);

  • Tooltips (except for "information" tooltips, i.e., the "I" icon);

  • "Total" label (in the Tables);

  • More options menu (ellipsis) (in the Tables and Charts, if available).

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