Driver app - Release notes


The following list shows the most recent features implemented in the Driver app.


Create a place and Driving times: The latest version of the app comes with two new options:

  • Create a place - This option allows you to create a new place in Frotcom based on your current location:

  • Driving times - You can now see your current Driving times, Regular and Reduced Daily Rest Periods, Breaks and Amplitude in this new view:


You can check the details regarding the option Create a Place in this article, while the description of all the displays of the Driving times can be found in this article.


Important: you might have to request your Fleet Manager for the permissions to access these two new features. If you are already using the app, you will need to log in again to the app to be able to use these options.



Compatibility with Android 10: As of now, the Driver app is also compatible with the latest version of Android.



Launch of the Driver AppThe new Driver App is Frotcom’s app for professional drivers. It targets not only features useful from the company’s perspective but especially from the driver’s points of view.

This first version of the app includes features like Trips summary, Driving behavior, and Privacy button:


Have a look into these articles to learn more about all the functionalities of the app.

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