Interacting with drivers through email


Your office might need to exchange messages with your drivers throught email. To do that, you have the option to send/receive email messages with Interact:



To use this functionality, you need to first configure an email account on Administration > Account - Email account:



You can retrieve this data from your email provider. For instance, this is the configuration to be used in case you have a Gmail account:



Some notes to be aware of when configuring your email account:

  • Emails sent to drivers are sent through Frotcom’s servers using the email address as the sender (From) to avoid messages being considered spam by your email server.
  • Your company's email address configured here is used in the field Reply to. This way, when your drivers reply to an email sent by Frotcom, they will be sending the email to the configured address, instead of You should instruct your drivers to use your company's email address when they send new messages.
  • Messages sent to are discarded automatically.
  • Frotcom will check your mail account to retrieve new messages/emails sent by your drivers, and show them in Interact.
  • Make sure the email account you use is not being used for anything else because Frotcom will try to read and show all messages shown there. You should also make sure the account is not receiving spam email because Frotcom will not filter any message.


After configuring your email account, you are already able to send and receive email messages from your drivers. Make sure the driver you want to send a message to has an email address configured in their profile, on Administration > Drivers - Details - General.

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