Driver to driver communication


With the Driver to driver communication, drivers can exchange messages with not only the office but as well with other drivers also using the Workforce Management.

To allow drivers to have this communication channel, you must give them permission on Administration > Drivers > Interact options:


Not authorized This driver can't send or receive messages from other drivers.
Receive only This driver can only receive messages from other drivers.
Send and receive This driver can both send and receive messages from other drivers.

Note: when you change this permission, the driver must logout and login again to the app to be able to see the changes.


Later, on Interact, you can choose to see the conversation between your drivers, using the filters on the top:



By default, all Frotcom users with permission to the Interact see the driver to driver conversations. To disallow a Frotcom user from accessing these conversations, you must go to the Administration > User - Details - Filtering section and set the Hide messages between drivers to Yes.


This user will not see the driver to driver conversations anymore.

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