Routes - How to create a route group?


To create a new Route group, go to the Route group panel and click Add new button:


After that, the following screen will be displayed to you:

Define group name in the Route group name field and specify an identification tag in the Description field (optional). Click Save:

After that, you will see that a new button will become available:

Click Add.


Now, you can start including the Route templates that will make part of this Route group. The panel has the following columns:

Columns Description
Start Starting time of the Route template.

Ending time of the Route template.

Note: by default, the destination time of the previous Route Template is selected. In case it is the first Route template of the Group, 00:00 is selected.


Route template selection.

Note: on the drop down list are displayed all the created Route Templates.

Description Free test field.

You can include in this Route group, as many existing Route Templates as you wish. Just keep adding routes by clicking Add button.

There are the following restrictions:

  • The starting date of the next route must be equal or after to the ending time of the previous route
  • Overlapping routes are not allowed
  • Only the last route line is available to edit. To edit a previous line, you must delete the routes until you reach the desired one.

To Edit the last included Route, click Edit:

The very same fields will be available to you as when you added the Route Template:

When you are done editing the Route Template, click Save. You will see displayed the following confirmation pop up:

If you wish to remove any Route Template from being part of the same Route group, click Delete on the respective row:

After, click Confirm:

You will see the list of Route Templates that are part of your Route group, is now updated accordingly and the following confirmation pop-up is displayed to you:


After you have created the Route group, you are able to assign it to a vehicle. If you want to know more, click here.

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