Routes - How to edit an already assigned route?


Only Pending routes can be edited. If you want to know more about route statuses, click here.

You have two ways to edit an already assigned route:


Option 1: Routes folder

  1. Go to the Routes folder and select the Table view mode in the View field.
  2. Search for the particular route that you want to edit.
  3. Click on the respective link under the Vehicle column:


Option 2: Tracking route - Map view

  1. Go to the Tracking route - Map view
  2. Click on the linear diagram icon:
  3. Click Edit route details button:



Either you choose Option 1 or Option 2, the outcome is similar. The following screen will be displayed to you:

Now, you are able to modify all the settings, similarly to what was done during the route creation and assignment. With the exception that (in the edition mode) is not possible to change the vehicle to which the route was previously assigned.

After you perform all your modifications, click Update this route.

The Confirm assign route panel will be displayed to you:


If you choose Send route to WFM/NAV, the driver will receive a message on their Garmin PND device as the following:


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