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To specify which drivers can drive a specific vehicle, you must define a Whitelist of drivers for that vehicle. To do that, go to the Drivers whitelist section in the Administration of that vehicle:


At the top, we have the following information:

Field Description
Last time list was changed

Date/time of the last update to the list of drivers assigned to the vehicle.

Note that if the driver's RFID is updated, the list with the updated number will be automatically sent to the corresponding vehicles/tracking devices, and the field Last time list changed will be updated.

Last time list was configured on device Date/time of the last configuration of the list in the device. In normal situations, this date/time is just a few seconds after Last time list was changed, but the gap can be more significant if the device was not connected to Frotcom when the list changed.


If you want to know how Frotcom behaves when an RFID code is replaced for a driver in a whitelist, click here.

Looking now at the board, it is possible to see a list of drivers with the RFID field (RFID or iButton) filled in the Drivers > General > RFID field. The board contains the following columns:

Column Description
Driver name Driver's name identification
Department Department to which the driver belongs 
Segment The segment to which the driver belongs


You are able to sort by department or segment for an easy configuration. For instance, if your departments or segments identify any of the drivers you want to configure, e.g., Cranes Segment, your driver selection will be easier.

Note that if you select a driver, the counter, located on the top of the table, will be incremented. You can choose a maximum of 150 drivers for a vehicle's whitelist.


If you want to un-tick all the drivers, you can click Clear the selection button, located above the table:


Every time that a modification is made on the settings of the Drivers whitelist, the Save and send button, located in the top right part of the screen, will become available:


By clicking on it, Frotcom will save your preferences and send the new configuration to the device.


Additionally, once you have configured the whitelist for a vehicle, you can copy the same selection of drivers to another vehicle.

To do so, you must click on the Copy this list to other vehicles button:



You will see the following popup window. Choose the vehicles you'd like to have the same whitelist and click on Apply and send:



Note: in the situation in which no drivers are selected in a vehicle's driver whitelist, Frotcom considers that all the drivers (with RFID) are allowed to remove the immobilizer and turn the ignition ON. It is similar to the situation when all the drivers are selected in the whitelist of a vehicle.

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