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Sometimes, especially in the sector of urban transportation of passengers (buses), the assignment of a single route to a vehicle is not efficient. Since the bus will go back and forth a number of times, the assignment of routes to the vehicles must be done in Route groups.

In Frotcom, you can assemble Route templates in these Route groups, specifying for each route, the departure time.

To visualize all the existing Route Groups go to the Routes panel, by clicking on More > Routes:

And the Routes panel will be available to you. After, click on the Groups folder:

Here you will find listed all the already created Route groups.

The panel contains the following information:

Column Description
Route groups Route group name. This is the identification name of the route group.
Routes Number of routes in the group.
Steps Total number of steps in the group.
Description Free text field.
Update date Date/time of the last update to the route group.
Username Identification of the user who performed the last update. 


If you want to create a Route group, click here.

After you have created the Route group, you are able to assign it to a vehicle. If you want to know more, click here.

If you want to edit an already created Route group, click here.

If you want to delete a Route group, click here.

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