Activate/deactivate privacy mode


The Driver feedback bar has two buttons: a home button on the lower right part and a work button on the lower left part:

If you are allowed to specify privacy mode (this permission can be set by your Frotcom Certified Partner at your company's request), you can do it by clicking the home button for 3 seconds. A confirmation will be produced by all LEDs flashing and a long buzzing sound.

When in privacy mode, the light bar will have only the right red LED always ON and no driving behavior events will be recorded or displayed.

To go back to the normal working mode, you must click the work button. A confirmation will be produced by green LEDs flashing and a long buzzing sound.

The privacy mode state can also be changed remotely, in Frotcom, as previously (manually or automatically). You will then be notified through the same patterns described above. Have in mind that if there is currently no connectivity with Frotcom's data center (no GSM communications coverage), that notification may not happen immediately.

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