What is Frotcom Scheduler?

Imagine that you have a fleet of 100 vans used to deliver pharmaceutical drugs to pharmacies.

There are 2000 pharmacies spread out in your country. Each pharmacy requests different drugs from your 5 warehouses.

Different pharmacies require different products and have different restrictions, such as delivery time windows.

You need to answer some questions: 

  1. How can I choose the best assignment of products and pharmacies to vans, in order to comply with requests and minimize costs?
  2. Do I really need 100 vans?
  3. Should I subcontract this work or part thereof?
  4. Can my fleet deliver everything within the required delivery times?

Frotcom Scheduler is a route planning and scheduling system that answers these and other questions.

You can use Frotcom Scheduler to plan your daily deliveries or other services. Then, once vehicles start execution, Frotcom helps you keep things on track.

To try Frotcom Scheduler, please request your free version.


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