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Before performing any action related to activation/deactivation of the immobilizer, please read carefully the considerations that you must take into account.

When a special SMS message arrives in Frotcom's device, it opens the switch. This switch then cuts off the electricity circuit of the starter. As a consequence, if the driver tries to turn the key to start the engine, nothing will happen.

Once an ''antidote'' SMS message is sent to the device, the switch will close again, allowing the car battery's electricity to reach the starter. Under these circumstances, as soon as the driver turns the key again, the engine will start.

Notice that this immobilizer does not have any impact on a vehicle if the engine is already running. This is so for security reasons. The only effect will be to disable the driver's capacity to restart the engine, once the ignition is turned OFF.

To activate and deactivate the immobilizer, a special SMS message must be sent to the device.

Note that the option of activating/deactivating the immobilizer via SMS is only available if the SIM card on your device allows SMS messages. For more information, contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

To do that, you must know two things:

  1. Mobile phone number you must send the SMS message to - if you do not know which mobile phone numbers correspond to the vehicles where you have installed immobilizers, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.
  2. The format of the special SMS message - You will need to ask your Frotcom Certified Partner the format of the message used to activate the immobilizer. Likewise, you will need to know the format of the message used to deactivate the immobilizer. Naturally, these messages are different for different companies. One message will only have an effect on one company's vehicles.

Once a blocking or unblocking message arrives at the device, you will not receive back by SMS a confirmation message. This is so for security reasons, again.

If you want to make sure the message was delivered, configure your mobile phone to ask for a delivery report.

Once a blocking message arrives at the device, if the vehicle is moving, there will be no immediate effect. Only after the ignition is turned OFF again the starter will be inhibited to not allow the restarting of the vehicle.


If you want to know more about Immobilizer, click here.

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