Routes - Tracking routes


After you create and assign routes to vehicles, you are now able to track them. In other words, you are able to know if routes are progressing according to the plan.

There are four ways to do it:

  • On the map view
    You will be able to see on the map and on the routes panel displayed at the bottom, where your vehicles are going to and how far they are from the destination.
  • On the routes folder
    The Routes folder can be found in More > Routes. It allows you to monitor the routes under different views.
  • On the Route execution report
    This report contains information related to each route's plan and execution. Note that the report only includes completed and abandoned route steps. Active steps are not reported. To know more about reports, click here.
  • Automatically, through alarms
    As described in Routes - Information To Driver, Notifications And Alarms, you can configure Frotcom to notify you when the route execution is not compliant with the original plan.
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