Frotcom from the driver's point of view


The Frotcom Onboard category depicts the user experience, from the driver point of view, to interact with the office and with other drivers via several types of Frotcom's modules. It aims to provide the drivers all the necessary information to interact with Frotcom terminals and accessories which are installed in the vehicle.

Frotcom has several modules that allow fleet managers to get in touch and dispatch tasks to the drivers and that allow drivers to contact back the fleet managers, Optionally, it is also possible for drivers to contact each other:

  • Frotcom Integrated Navigation
    It's a solution that enables interaction between fleet managers and drivers via a navigator (Garmin navigator) in the vehicle. It allows fleet managers to send destinations to the vehicle's navigators (e.g. clients, loading and unloading sites, etc.) and makes it possible for drivers to exchange messages  with the office and other drivers, depending on your company's policy. To find out more, click here.



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