Sending messages - Quick guide for drivers


You can print the following quick manual and carry it around during your trips, in case of need. You should also have a list containing all your colleagues who are also drivers and corresponding code, so that you can exchange messages with them. If you do not have it, talk to your fleet manager.

You can send text messages to other drivers, using Frotcom's integrated navigation system. To send a message to another driver, do as follows:

  1. In the Navigator, choose Send messages
  2. Start your message with nn followed by the code of the driver you want to send the message to. For instance, if the driver's code is 21XT56, you must start the message with nn 21XT56
  3. You may leave a space between nn and the code, but you cannot leave a space inside the code, otherwise the message will not be delivered to your colleague, it will simply sent to the office.
  4. You can use upper case (NN21XT56) or lower case (nn21xt56)
  5. After the code you must leave at least one space before starting to write the message
  6. Examples:
    Nn21xt56 This is the message - is valid
    NN21XT56This is the message - is invalid
    Nn 21 XT 56 This is the message - is invalid
    Nn 21xT56 This is the message - is valid

When you receive messages from another driver and want to reply, you still must start the message with the nn+code, as decribed above. Otherwise the messge will be sent to the office.

All messages in which Frotcom cannot interpret a valid start sequence or existing driver code will only be sent to the office.


ATTENTION: as usual, don't send or read text messages while driving. It is extremely dangerous and may result in injures  or loss of life to your or others.

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