The Integrated Navigation module requires the following hardware and services:


  • FMI 2.0 (or higher) enabled Garmin navigator certified by Frotcom International.
  • Frotcom GPS tracker with serial port interface
  • Data cable to connect both devices. The cable connects the serial port of the GPS/GPRS device and the USB port of the Garmin.


  • In Frotcom, activation of the Navigation services is needed. The Navigation service is part of the group of Interact services. Please be sure to activate the Navigation for all GPS/GPRS devices which will be connected to NAV devices. Until that is done, there will be no communication between the NAV device and the GPS/GPRS device.

Have in mind that since the serial port is used for Integrated Navigation, no other device using serial port connection can be linked to the GPS/GPRS device, for instance RFR-1.

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