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This article depicts how to setup an area entrance alarm.

Please note that at the end of the article, you can also find an example of how this alarm can be used. Click here to go directly to the example.

If you wish to create an area entrance alarm, first of all, go to the Administration > Alarms and click on the Add new button, located in the top right part of the panel:

The following panel will be shown to you:

There are two sub-panels on the General tab of the New alarm panel: the Alarm and the Vehicles sub-panels.




From the Type field drop down list, select the Area entrance alarm type:

After that, enter your own description for this alarm, in the Description field:

On the Vehicles sub-panel, a list of the vehicles which can support this alarm will automatically appear. In other words, these are the vehicles which have the necessary equipment (sensors) that provides the inputs for Frotcom to trigger this alarm. In the case of the area entrance alarm, only GPS is needed, no other specific sensors.

Additionally, please note that for the Area entrance alarm, you must have created Places, Zones or Regions before the creation of this alarm.

Select the vehicles which you want to monitor through the alarm. For the sake of the example, we will select all the available vehicles:

When you are done with the vehicle selection, click on the Apply button located in the lower right part of the vehicles sub-panel:

When you click the Apply button, you will notice that, besides the General tab, also the following tabs become available: 

  • Definitions
  • Restrictions
  • Reminders
  • Destinations



By clicking on the Definitions tab, the following panel will be available to you:

On this panel you can choose the conditions for which the alarm may be triggered. Under the Ignition must be off field, you have the following options: 

  • No
    This means that the alarm will be triggered if the vehicle enters in a defined area independently of the ignition status.
  • Yes
    This means that the alarm will be triggered if the vehicle enters a defined area and, at the same time, ignition is OFF.


If you want to know more about Restrictions tab, click here.

If you want to know more about Reminders tab, click here.

If you want to know more about Destinations tab, click here.



Let's consider an example where some of your long haulage vehicles perform international trips and you know that there are particular legs of the path in which tolls are very expensive and, at the same time, there are very good alternatives. So, you want to be warned every time a truck moves close to the entrance of these identified expensive legs and you want to remember the driver to take the alternative path.

In sum, we have the following consolidated inputs:

  1. The alarm may be triggered when the car is in motion
  2. Only consider the vehicles from the long haulage department
  3. You don't want any delay in the triggering of the alarm, since you want to know immediately when the vehicle enters in the particular leg
  4. You always want to be warned without hour restriction
  5. You want the alarm only to be triggered inside of the defined place representative of the entrance area of the expensive leg
  6. Since it is an area entrance alarm, the reminders are useful here since you want always to be notified if the vehicle is still in the premises of the defined area.

With this input in thought, we would recommend that you select the following options:

  • Definitions  
    • Ignition must be off > NO
  • Restrictions
    • Time > Trigger delay in minutes: 0
    • Time > Is triggered > at any time
    • Time > SMS restrictions > No
    • Time > Expiration and removal > No
    • Geographical > Only inside > Places [expensive legs entrance area]
    • Organization > Yes [long haulage department]
  • Reminders
    • Remind again if situation persists > Yes
    • Periodicity in minutes: 5
    • Number of times: 100

Concerning the Destinations tab, it is up to you to define via which platform (mobile phone, navigator, etc.) you wish to be warned and such definition will not change the alarm triggering conditions.


If you need additional assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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