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When you Import a Cost File, Frotcom try to will make a match of the license plates defined in the cost file with the vehicles that are registered in your Frotcom account. For the situations where a match is not found because the vehicle designations in the cost file are not the same as the designations in Frotcom, it is possible to use proposed aliasing features. To manage such associations, go to the Vehicles alias tab, on the Management > Preferences panel. You will see the following panel:

It contains the following information:

Columns Description
Vehicle in Frotcom License plate of the vehicle to be aliased (as it is in Frotcom's data base). 

Tag that triggers the association to the vehicle whose license plate is defined in the Vehicle in Frotcom column.

Include in Import If Yes, Frotcom will automatically make the association of the tag in the association column with the vehicle in the Vehicle in Frotcom column, when importing the cost file. If No, no automatic association will be done.


You will also notice that for each of the association rows, you also have an Edit and Delete button.

If you click on the Edit button located on the right part of each row:

You will be able to modify the value on the toggle button of the Include in import column for Yes or No:

After entering the edit mode, you can add additional tags on the association column:

After you edit a particular row, click on the Save button, so that Frotcom stores your changes, or click on the Cancel button to discard your actions.

If you wish to delete a particular association row, click on the Delete button located on the right part of each row:


After that, a confirmation button will appear:

To confirm your action, click on the Confirm button, otherwise, click on the Cancel button.


If you want to manually add another association, click on the Add button located on the lower right part of the board:

A new row will be available. Start by choosing the license plate of the vehicle registered in Frotcom's data base:

After you select the vehicle, fill the Association and Include in import columns, in a similar way to what was depicted for the edit mode.


When you are done, click on Save so that Frotcom creates another aliasing or click on Cancel to discard your changes.



If you need further clarification, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.


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