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Let's suppose you need to manually create several reports for the same vehicle(s) or for the same period of time. Supposing that the first report to generate is, for instance, the driving behavior report for the vehicles MK XX 000 XX and PT 00-AT-00 for ''yesterday'' period:

  • You go to the Report section, and search the report:

  • Select the desired period on the Period drop-down list:

  • Select the desired vehicles on the Show information by field:

Click Apply so that Frotcom considers your modifications.

  • Select the additional optional fields, according to your preferences, and click Generate:

It's not difficult and it is quite straightforward but it might be time-consuming. So now, if you want another report, you will have to fill the period and vehicle selection fields again. If you want to manually generate 15 another reports you will have to do it 15 more times. Is this what you are thinking? Well, Frotcom will actually make your life easier.

Every time you generate a report with configurations that are common to other reports, these configurations are kept in memory until you change them or log out. When the user selects values for the following fields, they are kept and displayed as default options on other reports during the same login session:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Team
  • Date
  • Organization
  • Cost fixed or variable
  • Places

 Additionally, Frotcom keeps your configuration you set up for a report, every time you return to that specific report, until you change the configuration yourself.

If you want to know more about report generation, click here.

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