User Experience - Dynamic menu and Dynamic shortcuts


After you login to Frotcom, by default, you will see the map screen:

You can see that at the top of the screen, on the main Frotcom tab, you have 3 menu options: 

  • Map

  • Summary

  • More


Let's suppose that you frequently need to check the Reports, or the Driving behavior module, or the Management section, etc. It is possible to customize the menu options for a faster and easier usability. You can arrange the menu options in the top main bar to better fit your needs, saving you time and improving your experience.

To do that, simply click the Configure option

The following configuration panel is displayed:

Let's split the information provided by this panel in two sections:

  • On top, the menu options already shown on the menu bar (red square)
  • On the bottom, all other menu options - the ones that currently show under the More option (orange square). You may see options such as:
    • Distribution
    • Recent activity
    • Alarms
    • Interact
    • Reports
    • Driving behavior
    • Management
    • CRM
    • Dashboard

Let's now consider the situation when you frequently access the Reports module and you wish to have the Reports shortcut directly on the map screen. For that, on the Configure menu panel, simply left click, drag and drop the desired module from the All other menus panel on the bottomto the Shown in menu bar on top:

Drag and... ...Drop

Then click the Apply button to confirm your action. Otherwise, click the Cancel button and your modifications will be discarded.

If you confirm your action, the map screen will now be modified:

So, you are now only one click away from the Reports section.

You can also add additional menu buttons, it's up to you:

If you are interested to change the display order, this is also possible. For that, simply use the same drag and drop method but now, inside the show in the menu bar sub-panel of the configure menu:

Drag and... ...Drop

Click the Apply button to confirm your action. Otherwise, click the Cancel button and your modifications will be discarded.

The menu will respect the order that you defined for each action:

If you wish to remove menu options from the top level, go again to the Configure menu and click on the 'x' button of the desired row to be deleted on the Show in menu bar panel:

Then click the Apply button to confirm your action. Otherwise, click the Cancel button and your modifications will be discarded.

The menu options that you remove from the Shown in menu bar panel, will go again to the All other menus panel. 

Please note that menu options MapSummary and More cannot be remove, but you are able to change their order.

In addition to this dynamic menu, you can also define keyboard shortcuts for a faster utilization of Frotcom. This is called the dynamic shortcut feature.

For that, go to the configure menu, as previously explained, and you will see the following screen:

In the shortcut key column you can define for each of the menu buttons a keyboard shortcut that you can use, independently of your current panel and the assigned menu option will open.

You always need to press the alt key simultaneously with the key that you define. To define the desired key, simply select the text box of the desired row and type in the desired key. Please note that this text box is limited to one character size and it is not case sensitive. Take in consideration that you cannot define the same keyboard shortcut combination for two or more menu options. Each combination must be unique.

Moreover, please take into account  that Frotcom will not override any existing browser or operative system keyboard shortcuts. As such, some key combinations may not work in your computer due to your system or browser settings. If that happens to you, the simplest solution is to assign another keyboard shortcut to the corresponding menu option.

Let's now consider the following situation where you already defined the desired shortcuts for the menu options:


Independently of your current location in a section, sub-section, panel or sub-panel of Frotcom, if you enter the defined shortcut combination, Frotcom will redirect you immediately to the assigned menu button panel.


With the dynamic features you can have your own interface display that better fits your needs and better serves you to fulfill your activities. Note that all these features are part of the user preference settings, therefore, they will not affect other users under the same company account.


If you need additional assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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