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If you have subscribed the Advanced Routing with HERE Maps service, Frotcom can calculate the toll costs for the trips to be executed by your vehicles.

Some times you need to know the toll costs associated to a particular route, for better management of your resources.

Toll costs can be generated by crossing tunnels, bridges or toll roads such as highways.

If you want to know more about toll costs export, click here.


Let's consider the situation, where you already defined your desired locations:


Click on Calculate, located in the lower part of the Directions panel:



(Note: if you want to know more about calculating the best path between 2 or more locations, click here.)

After that, you will have the following information displayed:


Besides the usual best calculated itinerary, you have also some costs displayed.

In the area indicated by the red circle, you have the vehicle costs, the driver costs and the toll costs associated to the calculated path.

These costs are calculated taking into account two things: the vehicle profile and the costs associated to each vehicle profile, defined in Administration > Account > Directions.

If you wish to change the vehicle profile in which the costs calculation is based, click the Options button of the Directions panel:

You will see the following board:


(Note: if you want to know more about time restrictions rules [last 2 fields in the options panel], click here.)

By clicking on the drop down menu of the Vehicle profile field, you can select the desired vehicle profile:


The vehicle profiles available are the ones that were defined in Administration > Account > Directions.

After selection of the new vehicle profile, click Calculate again so that Frotcom provides you updated information taking into account your modifications.

Focusing now on the area indicated by the orange circle in the picture above, you can see the following information:


Considering the current example, from the starting point to the ending point that we defined, there will be 5 legs of the path in which we need to pay toll to travel. If you want to know which leg is related to Toll 1, simply click on the Toll 1 box and you will see the following:


So, by clicking on each toll box, the respective leg of the path is indicated by a wider blue shadow.

Moreover, you will see that Toll 1, Toll 2, Toll 3 and Toll 4 have a green flag icon and a red flag icon. This is the geographical identification of the entering (green flag icon) and exiting (red flag icon) booths. For this type of legs, the action of clicking on the toll box has the same output: identification of the leg on the map by a blue shadow.

Moreover, you will see that Toll 5 has a single blue flag instead of green and red ones. This is because, contrary to the other tolls, Toll 5's price does not depend on the starting and ending point of the leg, it is one single price paid, depending on the vehicle profile. If you click on it, Frotcom will automatically zoom in and show you the approximate geographical location of the toll gantry over the motorway.

Additionally, you might find a third toll type, for instance if you calculate paths over Poland:


For this toll item type, the concessionaire is identified and all the toll costs are summed up.

If you wish to see a summary of all the tolls related to the path's legs, click on view all tolls button, located at the right part of the toll bar:


and you will see the following panel:


It contains the following information:

Column Description
Toll Sequential number of the toll which corresponds to the toll bar over the map screen.
Country Country where the leg, or toll gantry is geographically located.

Identification of the starting booth.

NOTE: Only available for legs with starting and ending booths.


Identification of the ending booth.

NOTE: for legs represented by a toll gantry over the motorway, this is geographical location of the toll gantry.

Cost Cost of a particular leg.
Toll System name Identification of the concessionaire(s) responsible for the motorway(s).


If you wish to print or export this information, click on the drop down menu on the upper right part of the screen, and select the corresponding option:



These features are only available for accounts with the Advanced routing with HERE Maps option. Call your Frotcom Certified Partner to activate if you do not have it.


Important: When there's no unique toll information available for the trip (i.e., there must be a toll pass or a toll subscription for the charge), an asterisk is displayed next to the toll costs:


In those case, you must export the detailed data regarding the toll costs and check in the Excel file the real toll costs associated with the trip.

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