User Experience - Mouse-over actions


To provide a better user experience, in all menu options with drop down list with selection options, the mouse-over event will produce the same output as the mouse click event. I.e. to see the sub-menu of a menu button simply move the mouse pointer over it.

Moreover, if you simply pass the mouse pointer over the menu option, the drop down menu will be shown while the mouse pointer is in the option area. On the other hand, with a click the drop down menu will be available until another input arrives.

The following picture illustrates the situation where a user clicks on the More option (located in the upper left part of the screen) and moves the mouse pointer over the User button (located in the upper right part of the screen). This example aims to show the functionality of the mouse-over actions.


Additionally, this feature will also work with vehicles' and places' infoboxes.

The following picture depicts the situation where you right-click on a place (identified by the house icon) and move the mouse's pointer over a vehicle's icon on the map, making the vehicle's infobox pop up: 

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