The NAV device interface


Hereafter is the interface that you, as a driver, will find on your NAV terminal when the NAV-GPS/GPRS device connection is completed:

You have two main options and two smaller options:

  • Main options
    View Map
  • Smaller options
    Volume - used to alter the sound's volume.
    Tools - used to control the NAV's settings.


Main option - Frotcom

By pressing the Frotcom truck icon, you will have access to the Integrated Navigation menu:

These 4 menu options allows you to perform the following actions:

  • My stops
    This is a list of destinations sent from the office. When the fleet manager wants you to go to a certain destination, for instance for loading, unloading or servicing.
  • Messages
    This is where you can write messages and also read received messages. It contains also an outbox where the content and status of sent messages (delivered/not delivered) can be seen.
  • Find location
    This is where you can find various options for locating a place in the map: Find address, Go Home, Find Points of Interest, etc.
  • Driver Info
    This feature is not used in the current version of the Integrated Navigation module.


Main option - View map

This is where the normal navigation will take place:


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