Auto-detecting the NAV-GPS/GPRS device connection


Before connecting the NAV to a Frotcom GPS/GPRS device, there will be no Frotcom modules visible. The screen will look somewhat like the one bellow:

Once connected to a Frotcom GPS/GPRS device already activated for Integrated Navigation, the NAV will automatically recognize this connection and will use the FMI (Fleet manager interface), with Frotcom modules visible:

In order for the Integrated Navigation module to work, both devices must be correctly connected and turned ON.

If the connection is lost, a warning symbol will show:

This symbol means that there is no connection. You can continue to use the device but no messages can be sent out or received.

The waning icon will disappear and functionality will be resumed when the connection is reestablished. This process can take up to 20 seconds after the connection was reestablished.

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