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On the top of the Login panel of Administration > Users > Login you have Your current IP address

As a form of additional protection against the use of credentials by unauthorized users, your company may want to limit the IP locations (computers or networks) from where users can log in.

To do it, you can use the Login IP restrictions dialog box:

By default, the restrictions field will be empty. This means that Frotcom will allow any user to login from any location, as long as he/she uses the correct credentials (username and password).

To add a restriction on the IP location, i.e. on the location where the computer must be in order for the login to be authorized, enter the authorized IP addresses separated by a semi-colon ('';'').


You can use an asterisk to specify that any number from 0 to 255 is valid. For instance, 165.198.1.* means that any IP address from to is valid.

You can also find this information if you click on the information button: 

You can also use the Copy button, on the right top part of the panel, to copy Your current IP address to the Login IP restrictions dialog box. This directly authorizes logins from the computer you are currently using.

If you need further clarification, do not hesitate to contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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