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The Alarms filtering subsection of the Administration > Users > Filtering panel has the following board:

The board contains the following options:

Fields Description
Include all and future alarms

By selecting the Yes option, this user will be allowed to set up all available alarms. In the case a new alarm is made available by Frotcom in the future, the user will also have access to it. Additionally the Alarm filter list will be locked with all the alarms selected. 

By selecting the No option, you can choose from all the available alarms which one(s) you want the user to have access to. Please note that in this case, if a new alarm is made available by Frotcom in the future, the user will not have access to it unless you update the Alarm filter selection.

Alarm filter In case option No is selected in the Include all and future alarms, you will be able to select which individual alarm(s) you want this user to have access to.

To know more about alarms, click here.

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