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This article regards the Access control subsection of the Edit users option. To access the available options on the Access control subsection, you need to edit a user.

This is the Access control subsection panel for the edition of users:

The panel contains the following main fields:

Fields Description
Type of user This is a quick fill-in mode. You can choose between Normal user and Administrator user. With this quick fill-in, you will not have to to tick or untick every single node of the access tree since it will be filled automatically according to typical permissions for both types of users, Normal users and Administrators. 

These fields represent the Access Control tree and this is where you can specify in detail which areas of Frotcom you want a particular user to access. Have in mind that only areas/modules subscribed by your company will be selectable.

If you need other modules to be selectable, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

The Old version subsection refers to the permissions applicable to the old version of Frotcom, also designated as Frotcom Silverlight. This subsection will be deprecated when the Silverlight version is definetely phased out.

General features
User preferences
Old version

The Access control tree contains the following fields and sub-fields:

Field Sub-field

View map
Vehicle events 
Vehicle Graphs
Vehicle trips
Traffic information
Reports Generate reports
Send report by email
Alarms View alarm occurrences
  Mark alarms as processed
CRM Manage CRM Clients
  Manage CRM Tracking tickets
Interact Email messaging
  MDT messaging
  NAV messaging
  SMS messaging
  See messanges sent by all users
Management View management folder
  Add costs
  Edit and delete costs
  Enter odometer readings
  Import cost file
  Entities management
  Delete all costs
  Recurring osts
Routes Create/change routes
  View route execution
Notebook Edit/delete notes written by all users
  See notes written by all users
General features Frotcom TV
  Smartphone interface
  Summary > Distribution
  Summary > Recent activity
  Driving behavior
  Coupling of vehicles and assets
User preferences Change password
Administration Administer alarms
  Allow sending alarms by SMS
  Administer auto reports
  Administer account
  Administer departments
  Administer mobile terminals
  Administer drivers
  Administer free field names
  Administer vehicle immobilization
  Administer places
  Administer roads
  Administer preferred routes
  Administer users
  Administer vehicles
  Create/delete vehicles and assets
  Allow OBD2 dongles to be moved between vehicles
  Administer vehicle filters
  Administer zones
  Administer tachograph downloads
Old version View fleet folder
  View vehicles folder
  View vehicles details
  View vehicle map
  Find nearest vehicles
  Search directions
  Show ''Enter odometer reading'' button
  View management module reports
  View Fleet > Daily summary folder
  View CANBus data
  Use RFID
  Save my profile
  View CRM folder
  Save notebook folder

Let's just look at an example, the Access control tree's Report field,

There are two sub-fields (Generate reports and  Send report by email). The first is checked and the second is unchecked. So, the user will be able to Generate reports but not to send them via email.

If you wish to give this user Send report by email permission, just tick the desired sub-field.

Additionally, if you wish to remove an already granted permission to a particular user, just uncheck (remove mark) the desired sub-field.

Finally, if you wish to give all the permissions provided by a single field (e.g. reports) just tick the field and, automatically, all the linked sub-fields will be selected.

On the other side, the following options will always be available to all the users, independently of their permissions:

  • Map page
    • Search
      • Vehicles
      • Places
      • Addresses
    • Nearest vehicles
    • Directions
    • Fleet mode
    • Vehicle/path mode
  • CANBus data
  • Save user own profile


By default, a maximum of 5 users can be created for each company. If you try to create a 6th, there will be a message saying the maximum number of users was reached. In special cases in which you may need to create more than 5 users per company, contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

After you are done with all the desired modifications, make sure you click the Apply button, on the bottom of the panel so that Frotcom takes your changes into account:


If you need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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