Add a place/zone from an address infobox


This article depicts the action of adding a place or zone via the infobox of an address, i.e. the infobox that you get by clicking on a free location on the map.

Suppose you looked for an address in Frotcom and then clicked on the small house icon that shows its location on the map.

If this place is in the precinct of one of your clients and you want to take advantage of this geographical location and use it to create a place, click option Actions:

Then select option Add place here. The Administration > Areas > New Place panel will be shown to you:

This is the very same panel that you use when you want to create a new place but go through the Administration panel.

The procedure to fill the available fields is the very same described in the article that shows how to create a new place. But now, there are some good news: if you select the Map tab, on the right part of the screen

the place is already created on the map. By default it will consider a circle geometry with center on the geographical point corresponding to the initial location.

This feature will make your life easier since Frotcom already draws the place on the map, you just need to fill in the information on the General subsection.

Even though this article only depicted the option to create a place via the address' infobox, the process to create a zone  is similar. For that, instead of the Add place here option choose Add zone here:

You will be redirected to the create a new zone panel under Admnistration > Areas > New Zone. Then the remaining steps are similar to the ones that were already presented for the creation of a new place option.


If you need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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